TrustRadius 2023 Award Recap: Celebrating Excellence, Innovation, and Impact

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December 4, 2023
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TrustRadius 2023 Award Recap: Celebrating Excellence, Innovation, and Impact

Reflecting on the past year’s achievements is not just a tradition; it’s a testament to the incredible strides you’ve made this year. So, as we bid farewell to 2023, we are excited to share the highlights of this year’s journey of discovery, innovation, and celebration with you. 

TrustRadius awards are more than just accolades—they gain winners a competitive advantage in an oversaturated tech industry. The award winners enjoy increased brand visibility, and while building trust.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the noteworthy moments that defined success for TrustRadius 2023 Awards.

Most Loved Awards: A Celebration of User Affection

The Most Loved Awards stand as a testament to the genuine appreciation users have for the products expressed in their reviews on TrustRadius. Each year, our dedicated research team meticulously evaluates products and their reviews, seeking expressions of love in all its forms. We measure the frequency of users mentioning something they adore about a product, creating a unique metric that allows us to identify the most beloved products on TrustRadius. The Most Loved Awards honor the genuine satisfaction and positive experiences users share in their reviews.

Fan-Favorite Promotions for 2023 Most Loved Awards

Top Rated Awards: Recognizes Excellence and Enhances Visibility 🚀

Our most prestigious accolade—the Top Rated Award. Winners enjoy a remarkable 90% surge in visibility from category traffic, translating to a 10% increase in interactions on their buyer-facing product profiles. To earn this coveted award, winners must have 10 or more recent reviews, maintain a trScore of 7.5 or higher, and have at least 0.5% of the site traffic in its category. This isn’t just an award; it’s a strategic advantage in opening doors to increased exposure, heightened engagement, and converting curious prospects into satisfied customers. 

Top Rated award badge

Fan-Favorite Promotions for 2023 Top Rated Awards

Formal presentations by 


Email Campaigns & Signatures

All out social branding

CustomerX Impact Awards: Elevating Customer Advocacy

The CustomerX Impact Awards recognize customer marketing and advocacy superstars who have made a significant impact on customer marketing and advocacy in their respective businesses. Beyond the accolades, these awards celebrate the tangible ways in which companies have empowered and engaged with their customers. These winners encapsulate the spirit of the CustomerX Impact Awards, emphasizing the profound influence their roles and work have had on their companies and customers’ experiences.

Tech Cares Award: Honoring Compassionate Technology Leaders

Fan-Favorite Promotions for 2023 Tech Cares Award

The fan-favorite promotions reflected not only the companies’ dedication to making a positive impact but also resonated with audiences on a deeper level.

Best of Awards: Recognizing Multifaceted Excellence

The Best of Awards in 2023 highlight products that excel in key areas such as Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship. These awards provide a comprehensive view of a product’s strengths, allowing winners to stand out across multiple dimensions. The ongoing fan-favorite promotions underscore the continuous celebration of these multifaceted achievements.

Fan-Favorite Promotions for 2023 Best of Awards

Promotions for 2023 Best of Awards are still ongoing, but early highlights showcase the creativity and enthusiasm of the winners. These promotions provide a glimpse into the ongoing celebration of excellence and innovation among the Best of Award winners, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional value across various aspects of their products.

Timely video


Fun imagery

Winning all 2023 Awards

A special round of applause for our standout performers in 2023. 

Those who took home ALL the Awards this year are: 






Zoho Corp

Zoom Info


Winners of four out of five possible awards:

Quotes and Testimonials

“WAY TO GO team! I wanted to share this snippet from my call today with the Customer Advocacy team at Talkdesk! They loved our Media Kit and how much we were able to enable them to promote the award.”

Top Rated and the different award badges that TrustRadius for Vendors offers is a way that we collect and showcase customer proof and validation.”

Appreciate the recognition (awards & badges) criteria that keeps competition fair.”

“I also like their recognition program, as it makes it easy to demonstrate our success on the site to leadership and to our customers/prospects.”

We use the TrustRadius awards on landing pages and paid media to help build 3rd party trust among prospects.”

I appreciate that TrustRadius wants to hear the whole truth about a product and penalizes companies for only sending happy customers to write reviews. We’ve had to adjust our approach internally to ensure we sent enough variety and impartial customers, but we’ve been pleased to see our overall score improve. As a result, we are earning us more placements in awards, too.”

“To have a historical record of the won badges and a place to display them publicly.

“TrustRadius is the easiest to understand how we’re tracking toward annual awards/banners.”

“TrustRadius Awards have been a great addition to our marketing collateral.

“Our sales and marketing teams then use these quotes, reviews, award badges, etc., to provide authentic feedback when promoting the product.”

“The ease of asking to review is what makes TrustRadius for Vendors stand out. I also feel like the badges earned mean more since there aren’t so many of them!

“We use TrustRadius for Vendors to display customer reviews, and showcase the award badges on our website and sales presentations to build trust with prospects and display product credibility.

Award promotions that stood out

In the age of technological advancements and the rise of AI, it’s crucial to strike a delicate balance between human creativity and automated assistance, especially in award promotions. While AI can offer valuable support in generating content, we’ve observed instances where over-reliance on automated tools led to a certain homogeneity in the promotional landscape. Phrases like “drum roll, please” and “cue the confetti” became recurring themes, signaling a potential loss of distinct brand voices.

Award promotions that stood out shared a common theme: they were fun, human, engaging, and timely. Let’s explore what made these promotions memorable and effective.

1. Fun: Standout promotions embraced creativity, injecting a sense of playfulness into the campaigns. From quirky visuals to entertaining videos, these campaigns went beyond the conventional, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

2. Human: The promotions that resonated most were those that felt authentic and genuine. Companies shared behind-the-scenes glimpses, employee stories, incorporated cute pups, or personal anecdotes, humanizing the brand and creating a connection with the audience.

3. Engaging: Successful promotions didn’t limit themselves to a single platform. They strategically utilized various channels across social media, email campaigns, press releases, presentations, and even video content to maximize reach and engagement.

4. Timely: Memorable award promotions recognized the importance of timeliness. They tapped into current trends, industry happenings, or seasonal themes, ensuring their messaging was not only impactful but also resonated with the audience’s current interests. By staying relevant, these promotions demonstrated a keen understanding of the ever-evolving landscape and showcased the award-winning products in a context that felt fresh and immediate.

The momentum doesn’t stop here. We encourage all vendors to participate in our 2024 awards to help showcase your innovation and excellence.

Thank you!

Finally, we’d like to wish a heartfelt thank you to our community, customers, and partners. Your unwavering support and contributions have been the driving force behind the success of the TrustRadius Awards program. We look forward to another year of growth, celebration, and recognition in 2024!

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