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MIP Fund Accounting

How MIP Fund Accounting used TrustRadius intent data to boost campaign engagement and effectiveness in LinkedIn Matched Audiences
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Optimizing LinkedIn KPIs with TrustRadius intent data

“By leveraging TrustRadius category intent data in our LinkedIn advertising, we were able to improve overall campaign KPIs across click-through-rate, impressions, and our cost-per-click. This is considerable as MIP’s ad benchmarks are already above industry averages. Our TrustRadius campaign also received the highest impressions of any ad group overall!”

Gregory McElroy
Marketing Campaign Manager
MIP Fund Accounting

Driving impressions and awareness with TrustRadius + LinkedIn


  • Leverage TrustRadius category buyer intent data on LinkedIn to increase overall campaign effectiveness, improve KPIs, establish brand trust, and drive overall impressions for MIP Fund Accounting


  • Set up the LinkedIn Matched Audiences Integration and 6sense
  • Created category buyer intent segments and synced them to LinkedIn Campaign Manager for advertising
  • Leveraged TrustRadius awards badges on creative to increase clicks from buyers within MIP’s intent data


Upon comparing to an ‘always on’ benchmark campaign across a similar time period*, TrustRadius’ campaign increased relevant performance KPIs across these key areas:

Increase in CTR
Increase in impressions
Decrease in CPC

TrustRadius Demand Generation Playbook

Intent data uncovers deals, social proof closes deals. TrustRadius customers are tapping into review content and intent data to drive demand, accelerate deal cycles, and meet buyers where they’re at in their journey.

Target In-Market Buyers

Utilize TR intent data within Linkedin, 6sense, Demandbase and Salesforce to target in-market buyers

7 ways to use ABM and intent data together
Increase Discoverability & Conversion

Syndicate review content on organic and paid landing pages to improve SEO and increase conversion rate

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Leverage Customer Voice

Leverage review content across channels to influence purchase (email, ads, signatures, decks, and more). Reviews are a top stop on the buyer’s journey.

10 tips for leveraging intent data
Establish Brand Presence

Utilize custom questions to get your differentiation story on the record—told by your customers. Drive demand to target personas with a story that resonates with them.


Build credibility with buyers

Find and win more in-market buyers

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