Empower Buyers With Free Interactive Demos

Empower Buyers With Free Interactive Demos

Elevate your product experience

Product demos are the number one influencer in the purchasing decision.

Today’s B2B buyers demand hands-on experience and personalized interactions before purchasing. TrustRadius, the technology decisioning platform for B2B buyers, recognizes this need and is revolutionizing the buying process by partnering with interactive demo providers to allow you to add interactive demos to your product profile pages for free. 

The power of product demos

Our research shows product demos have consistently been among the top five resources consulted by technology buyers for the past seven years. In our 2023 B2B Buying Disconnect Report: The Self-Serve Economy Is Prove It or Lose It, product demos ranked as the number one resource consulted by buyers. Additionally, 73% of buyers named the availability of product demos or free trials as one of the top things vendors can do to make them more likely to purchase.

This data highlights the growing demand for interactive experiences that allow buyers to test-drive products and evaluate their suitability for specific use cases.

Tailored demos drive decision-making

The report further reveals that 94% of buyers consider demos tailored to their specific use cases and preferences essential when evaluating different products. Buyers want to see how a product can solve their unique challenges and fit seamlessly into their workflows. We recognize this importance and aim to bridge the trust gap between buyers and sellers by offering an easy and accessible way to add interactive demos right to your product profile. 

Free interactive demos on TrustRadius

You can now add interactive demos on all your product profiles for free. As you can see in this TrustRadius Interactive Demo, brought to you by ScreenSpace, product demos highlight the product’s most important features and allow buyers to experience use cases before making a commitment. 

Benefits for buyers

Interactive demos empower buyers by offering a self-guided “tour” of the product, eliminating the need to contact a salesperson during the initial exploration phase.

Demos are also important because buyers (43%) say information needed to justify spending has increased. When buyers and growing buying committees can experience specific use cases, they gain visualization into how the product can meet their needs. This helps buyers choose the right product for their business needs.

Benefits for vendors 

Now that we know 69% of buyers want to have a sense for how easy the product is to use before buying, it’s clear that demos, free trials, and pricing transparency are key to winning them over. But, when it comes to product demos, they’re not all alike. They can range from a customized, engaging session with a sales rep to self-serve interactive demos or even to recorded demos by the vendor or other users. 

No matter which interactive demo provider a vendor uses, they gain valuable insights into who is test-driving their product and the extent of their interest. These insights enable vendors to optimize their sales process, shorten the sales cycle, and identify warm leads efficiently.

When deciding which kind of demo to provide, keep in mind our latest research: 94% of buyers said it’s extremely or somewhat important that demos be tailored to their use case and preferences.

Getting started with interactive demos

Unlike traditional review sites, you don’t have to pay us or any of our interactive demo partners to create a beautiful and engaging profile that attracts and converts prospects. We understand the evolving needs of today’s buyers and the power of interactive experiences in the purchasing journey. We hope to empower buyers and vendors by introducing free interactive demos, enabling them to make informed decisions, and tailoring product experiences to specific use cases. 

Adding an interactive demo to your TrustRadius product listing is simple and free. 

Step 1: Evaluate and pick which free interactive demo tool you want to use.


Step 2: Once you’ve created your interactive demo, follow these steps to add it to your TrustRadius product listing. If you do not have access to edit your product listing, claim your TrustRadius profile to get started.

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