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Generate Demand with Customer Reviews

Generate Demand with Customer Reviews

As a demand generation marketer, you are responsible for generating pipeline and increasing win rates. Your pipeline generation activities range from collecting and qualifying leads to increasing engagement with marketing content and priming incoming leads to accelerate the deal cycle. Pipeline generation and increasing win rates is a tall order, which is why TrustRadius helps demand generation marketers use downstream intent data, among other tools, to reach, target, and convert in-market buyers. 

Challenges facing demand generation marketers today

Because of shifts in today’s buying habits and a challenging economy, in-market buyers are becoming harder to find, traffic to web pages is decreasing, landing pages aren’t converting, and the best channels for prospecting are becoming harder to identify and saturated with competition. 

However, buyers are more discerning and focused on self-service than ever before. Virtually 100% of buyers want to self-serve when researching new solutions, meaning they want transparent, readily available information about your products. For demand generation marketers, this means that conversion metrics are declining and former techniques for finding and converting prospects aren’t working as well as they once did. 

Less interest in engaging directly with sales reps

According to the 2022 B2B Buying Disconnect report, cold calls and other sales touch points are driving buyers away. According to survey respondents, the top three things vendors do that make people less likely to buy are cold calls (64%), the need to contact sales for a demo or free trial (40%), and sales emails (32%).

Pandemic before and after comparison chart

Today’s audience can be found self-serving in a variety of third-party channels (e.g. communities, forums, and review sites), making it difficult for demand generation marketers to reach in-market buyers with relevant messaging at the right stage of the buying journey. Audiences are becoming more elusive, avoiding traditional marketing tactics and cold outreach.

Increased reliance on third-party resources 

Even though buyers are looking for readily available resources when doing their research, they’re not relying solely on vendor-provided content. We uncovered a decrease in reliance on vendor websites, going from 53% of respondents using these resources in 2021 to 42% in 2022—an 11% decrease year over year. Instead, today’s buyers are focused on validating marketing claims made by solution providers with word-of-mouth and third-party research.

demand gen

How TrustRadius helps generate pipeline

While there are major shifts in buying behavior in recent years, and for various reasons, word-of-mouth marketing on review sites like TrustRadius is becoming a pivotal source of truth for B2B tech buyers.

Mistakenly, demand generation marketers think review sites are on “someone else’s plate.” However, here at TrustRadius, we go further than boosting brand preference on our site. We bring together powerful and useful resources that enable demand generation marketers to find and convert in-market buyers. For example, our downstream intent data surfaces prospects looking at your profile and/or the profiles of your competitors. This powerful data can be utilized to build new pipeline, accelerate deal stages, and increase win rates. We also provide ways to share social proof from your existing customers, which increases the effectiveness of demand generation campaigns—by higher conversion rates on your landing pages—and accelerates ABM efforts

Of all the TrustRadius solutions, here are the ones other demand generation marketers have the most success with.

  • Downstream Intent Data and Integrations
  • Product Profile
  • TrustQuotes Library
  • TrustRadius Awards
  • Premium Content Assets

Downstream intent data

Downstream intent data is a collected set of data points from TrustRadius indicating that someone is researching your product or your competitors. It can be gathered from sources such as product profile pages or buyers researching pricing or comparing you to an alternative solution. You can use this data to find new deals, increase your consideration in active deals, accelerate win rates, and identify churn risks and upsell opportunities.

We know that the bottom line of a demand generation marketer’s role is to fill the funnel with quality leads. Our downstream intent data can fill your funnel more efficiently, increasing conversion rates and lowering cost-per-lead. These buyers are more likely to convert because they are in-market. 

Our customers see the value of our downstream intent data almost instantly. A customer data platform software solution activated our intent data to target in-market buyers researching their product and their competitors’ on TrustRadius. Using our complimentary, easy-to-use Salesforce connector, they generated a total of 28 opportunities and $4 million in pipeline within just three months!


The powerful intent signals from TrustRadius produce the biggest ROI when imported into other platforms, such as your team’s customer relationship management (CRM) or account-based marketing (ABM) solution.

Salesforce Connector

With the Salesforce Connector, you can integrate downstream intent data into your sales pipeline, optimizing your ABM strategy and mitigating churn risk. Combining the features of Salesforce with TrustRadius’ powerful insights on your in-market buyers leads to better outreach with highly personalized tactics. 


The LinkedIn and TrustRadius integration empowers vendors to build dynamic segments of buyers who are actively researching, thereby increasing conversion rates and accelerating the sales cycle. Once segments are built and synced to LinkedIn, you can serve ads to this highly targeted audience.

ABM platforms

Both 6sense and Demandbase allow you to serve ads through their display networks leveraging this data. Additionally, intent signals can be served straight to sales reps allowing for immediate, intelligent, ABM-geared outreach. This increases speed to lead and overall pipeline acceleration.

Product profile

By creating a product profile, you can access features like a CTA button for driving traffic to your website and other resources. By adding these personalized touches, tech vendors make it easier for potential buyers to take simple next steps, including requesting a demo, contacting sales directly, or browsing other vendor-provided assets. Since several buyers are already doing research on TrustRadius, personalized CTA shortcuts make it easy for them to request more information about your product. And requests are delivered straight to your team.

In addition, product profiles enable you to include other self-service elements in your profile, such as integration listings, videos, demos, screenshots, and pricing.

TrustQuotes Library

With our TrustQuotes Library you can drive organic traffic through rich keywords and engaging content derived from customer reviews. Marketers can customize and dynamically syndicate TrustRadius review excerpts. Adding TrustQuotes third-party social proof to your website can dramatically improve conversion rates and lead quality.

We’ve seen clear evidence of visitors’ interest when they get to see reviews on your website. TrustRadius customers see a 35-70% lift in traffic and conversions from using customer quotes and social proof from reviews on their websites and landing pages.

TrustRadius Awards

TrustRadius awards

TrustRadius awards are a great way to make your brand stand out from the competition within your category and boost credibility with prospects. We offer opportunities throughout the year for vendors to earn awards and we choose winners entirely based on user reviews and sentiment. Awards help increase engagement on your product category and/or page to our over one million monthly site visitors. In fact, 90% of traffic to category pages see an awards accolade, so your product is much more likely to stand out if it has an award. And last year, over three million people viewed and engaged with our TrustRadius Awards. Needless to say, awards are a big deal on our site.

In addition, using award badges on your own landing pages and ads draws attention to your product and increases brand trust. TrustRadius award badges placed on your ads or landing pages are eye-catching, and also immediately validate your marketing claims. As an example, LogicMonitor used award badges in their LinkedIn ad campaigns and saw success with their efforts. They saw an even bigger impact when they used award badges alongside TrustRadius’ downstream intent data, with a 52% lift in accounts reached, (two times higher than their benchmark)! Out of all of their ads’ impressions, this translated to a total of 85% accounts reached, 77% visitors, 36% clicks, and 114 new accounts added to the LogicMonitor site.

Premium content assets

Because today’s audience puts so much value on reviews and peer feedback, it’s helpful to use content such as awards and customer quotes in ads or landing page content. TrustRadius facilitates the creation of insightful customer quotes with our premium licensed content features. By collecting detailed, meaningful reviews, you not only provide potential buyers with useful information while they are on TrustRadius, you can also create a bank of customer quotes to use across your own channels.r team gets unlimited use of all customer reviews and content.

What other demand generation marketers are saying…

Watchguard Technologies

Watchguard Technologies integrated TrustRadius’ downstream intent data into their Salesforce CRM and used that to create a list of target accounts and provide deal intelligence to their sales team. They targeted accounts on LinkedIn with mid- to lower-funnel messaging and offers. For target accounts that received ads, they pushed social proof from TrustRadius brand advocates.

They experienced a higher CTR on their ads (12%), influenced over $1 million in pipeline, and doubled their account engagement.

“I spent $200 to influence over $1 million in pipeline and got over 150,000 impressions. It’s a no-brainer.” 

—Alex McWethy, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation | Watchguard Technologies


Planful wanted to up-level account engagement through smarter segmentation and more targeted messaging to drive engagement and conversions. They integrated TrustRadius downstream intent data into 6sense, their ABM platform, and created a targeted audience showing relevant intent signals that matched their ICP, experiencing a 300% increase in reach and engagement.

Using TrustRadius’ awards, review content, and review syndication, they were able to improve performance on their paid ads with a 60% increase in conversions year over year.

planful demand gen

“Over 15% of our accounts increased buying stage using TrustRadius intent data in 6sense—it really helps move accounts down the ABM journey.”

—Emily Ross, Senior Manager, Demand Generation | Planful

Demand generation marketing tool kit

Downloadable checklist to get started

Download 5 Ways TrustRadius Helps Tech Companies Find In-Market Buyers to:

  • Learn tactical ways to position your brand on TrustRadius
  • Determine which product offerings will solve your biggest demand-generation challenges and drive the greatest ROI
  • Help influence your buying committee to see the ROI in adopting TrustRadius

Downloadable guide for winning demand gen marketers

Download Generating Demand with Reviews to:

  • Finding and converting in-market buyers already interested in your product
  • Leveraging data to increase conversion rates and lower cost-per-lead
  • Taking advantage of powerful integrations to elevate your already established CRM, socials, and ABM solutions

Getting started with TrustRadius

TrustRadius provides clear, measurable results for tech vendors. We know that high-quality leads are the main ingredient for pipeline growth, making your team essential for the entire organization’s success. TrustRadius helps demand generation marketers drive high-intent buyers from our site to theirs and identify and convert more in-market buyers with advertising, landing pages, and sales outreach.

Ready to increase win rates at less CPA or cost per MQL? Schedule a demo today.

Demand-generation marketers are most successful when working on a team with customer marketers and product marketers. See how the TrustRadius solution can solve your team’s problems:

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