Buying behavior has changed. Has your marketing?

Allyson Havener,  SVP of Marketing at TrustRadius, joins Taylor Udell, Head of Growth at Champify to explore modern buyers expectations, and how you can turn those buyers into customers, advocates and repeat buyers.

Identifying Changes in Buying Behavior
⚠️ Discover why buyers are more risk averse, and how it changed the sales cycle
📚 Learn what resources are most influential to buyers, today

Aligning Your Marketing Motion with Buying Signals
🤝 Understand the role of marketing in supporting a buyer-centric journey
👑 Recognize the shift towards a customer advocacy-focused approach
🕵️‍♀️ Discover which intent signals matter most in this new paradigm
❌ Uncover which tactics are no longer relevant in 2023

Measuring Success in the New Landscape
📈 Learn how to effectively measure the success and impact of strategies tailored to meet changing buying trends
📊 Discover key performance indicators and metrics that have gained prominence in this evolving landscape


Taylor Udell

Head of Growth at Champify

Taylor is the Head of Growth at Champify, software that tracks customer job changes to turn existing relationships into new business opportunities. Prior to Champify, she worked in a variety of roles at high growth companies like Twilio, FOSSA, and Heap.

Allyson Havener

SVP of Marketing & Community