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How Alteryx enabled 1,600 sales reps using the TrustRadius Chrome extension
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Enabling 1,600 sales reps with impactful social proof

“In times where deal scrutiny continues to present itself and macroeconomic pressures tighten budgets, the TrustRadius Chrome extension places real, non-contrived, and snackable content in the hands of our revenue drivers. Which helps them earn immediate validation and trust.”

Luis González
Head of Global Customer Advocacy

Accelerating pipeline with sales through customer voice


  • Enable sales team with real customer reviews to establish trust and accelerate deal cycles


  • Worked with TrustRadius to enable 1,600 sales reps at Alteryx with the TrustRadius Quote Finder Chrome Extension
  • Alteryx created an adoption how-to 1-pager for their sales team to streamline the process
  • Created a global SPIFF with SDR’s to incentivize use of TrustQuotes

Results (April 2023):

Sales accepted opportunities in 2 weeks
New business pipeline generated in 2 weeks
Sales reps enabled with the TrustRadius Quote Finder Chrome Extension

TrustRadius Sales Enablement Playbook

Cut through the clutter and deliver down-funnel, quality leads to sales quickly. Enable sales teams with social proof at their fingertips to nurture deals and WIN against competitors.

Get HOT leads into sales’ hands

Utilize SFDC Connector and intent reports to zero-in on in-market leads comparing you to competitors, evaluating pricing, and more.

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Close deals with social proof

Provide customer proof filtered by industry, company size, use case, etc. to your team at their fingertips. Tailored to the stakeholder their speaking with.

How to supercharge your GTM with social proof
Uncover competitive plays

Uncover which of your prospects are looking at which competitor. Craft impactful competitive take-out plays backed up by social proof.

Explore downstream intent data
Train sales and field team

Train reps quickly to articulate your product benefits and differentiators. Help sales reps improve their ranking. 


  • Email engagement/activities
  • Close rate
  • Sales cycle length
  • Average sales price
  • ‘No Decision’ loss ratio
  • Selling time allocation
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Find and win more in-market buyers

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