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Customer Spotlight

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

How TIS used TrustRadius intent-driven advertising on LinkedIn to increase pipeline efficiency and land net new leads
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Optimizing LinkedIn Ad Campaigns using TrustRadius intent data

“Quality intent data is a game changer for driving demand and TrustRadius buyer intent delivers. “

Sinehan Kerman
Senior Director of Global Revenue Operations

Identifying in-market buyers and converting to leads with TrustRadius + LinkedIn


  • Increase conversion rates against benchmarks for targeted ads on LinkedIn and convert them to MQLs and opportunities


  • Created targeted, customized ad campaigns that exclusively utilized TrustRadius intent data (no mixing intent data from other sources)
  • Regularly imported the intent data into marketing automation platform and CRM
  • Monitored campaign performance against TIS’ typical LinkedIn campaigns benchmarks

Results (60-day period):

Net new leads
Converted to MQLs (20% increase from MQL benchmark)
Click-through-rate (100% increase from CTR benchmark)

TrustRadius Demand Generation Playbook

Intent data uncovers deals, social proof closes deals. TrustRadius customers are tapping into review content and intent data to drive demand, accelerate deal cycles, and meet buyers where they’re at in their journey.

Target In-Market Buyers

Utilize TR intent data within Linkedin, 6sense, Demandbase and Salesforce to target in-market buyers

7 ways to use ABM and intent data together
Increase Discoverability & Conversion

Syndicate review content on organic and paid landing pages to improve SEO and increase conversion rate

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Leverage Customer Voice

Leverage review content across channels to influence purchase (email, ads, signatures, decks, and more). Reviews are a top stop on the buyer’s journey.

10 tips for leveraging intent data
Establish Brand Presence

Utilize custom questions to get your differentiation story on the record—told by your customers. Drive demand to target personas with a story that resonates with them.


Build credibility with buyers

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